Automobile Insurance

Automobile Insurance

Oh Deer! They are on the move.

It’s that time of year again when deer movements bring them closer to the roadway and in the path of drivers. Although deer/vehicle crashers are inevitable, some of these accidents could have been prevented by remembering these tips:

  • If you see a deer, slow down and expect more to follow.
  • Use special caution in areas where deer crossing signs are posted.
  • Drive at a safe speed and ALWAYS wear your seat belt.
  • During night time hours, use your high beams when no traffic is approaching.  This may help you see the deer much sooner and allow you to react accordingly.
  • Keep a close lookout for deer around dawn and dusk.
  • If a crash is unavoidable, don’t swerve! It’s usually better to strike a deer than another vehicle or an object such as a tree.


We know accidents with deer will continue to happen, but knowing the riskiest times of the day and the year, and by taking a few simple safety precautions, you can considerably reduce your chances of hitting a deer. Most importantly, we want you to stay safe!

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